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How To Outrank Your Affiliate Niche Competitors Using Structured Content

How To Outrank Your Affiliate Niche Competitors Using Structured Content

Wondering how you can outrank authority sites in your niche with a new affiliate site?

We’re going to sort it out, right now. Many affiliates often overlook basic SEO, let alone keeping track of their results are actually displayed in the SERP’s. If you can pimp your SERP results, then you can ultimately get more traffic to your site.

Using Rich Snippets/Cards to get ahead

Rich Snippets and Card results are the best way to get ahead, pushing your content to position 0 in the SERP’s.

Using Schema and why it’s good for your site

Schema is another way to stand out in the search engine results page. You can learn how to use Schema and how to optimise your affiliate website for rich snippet/card results at the video below!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMw7I8zu0jo[/embedyt]

Full Video Transcript: 

So we all know as a new affiliate it can often be disheartening not to get the traffic that you need to site. And how are you supposed to get ahead of authority sites in your niche without targeting useless long-tail keywords? Well, schema markup and Rich Snippets offer a great way to do it, and they give your site more visibility in the SERPs and get you to that position zero. Before we get into what this is and how it’s done, let’s look at my affiliate site example, and then get into it for your site.

So, this snippet is the one that pushed me above domains with an authority of 70 plus. by optimizing my posts with review schema markup, and planning content for rich snippet optimization. This one was pushed to position 0 for several short-tail keywords in my niche. With this markup, the page is also given a standard result as well, so you are pretty much getting two for the price of one.

Here’s the search results beneath that position 0. Now, all these sites were authority sites in my niche and they’ve all got really high domain authorities. My affiliate site is only a couple of months old, and it’s just filled with standard web 2.0 links. This post is far from my best work, so it’s simply ranking in that position 0 because of the structured markup and content. The actual SERP result is in position four, which shows where it’d be sat without that markup. So let’s see what the actual result looks like in the mobile SERPs. 

So using the same keywords here’s the site in the mobile SERP’s. Again, it’s out-ranking an authority site. This affiliate site is optimized for mobile in terms of responsiveness and page speed, and again the mark-up is helpful for users which is really what search engines want to be showing people. And, let’s face it, the ratings just stand out, and they really help the results to stand out as well. So let’s have a look at how you can do this for your site. 

What is structured content and why is it important? Well, structured content refers to Schema, which is a markup that gives search engines more information about the context of the content on your site, like if you’re writing a review, or if you’re publishing about an event. Review and article schema are great for affiliate sites, and it really helps you to stand out in the SERP’s as we’ve just seen. Let’s look at optimizing for Rich Snippets next and look at how you can do it for your site too. 

So Rich Snippets get you to that fable position zero you see it all the time with recipes and step-by-step instructions, and we can sort it out for your content as well. I optimized for Rich Snippets by sticking to one h1, then making sure every post I do is in a list or a numbered format, and that I wrap each number in h2 tag. This is your ticket to displaying in the Rich Snippets, so make sure your images are optimized by corresponding numbers from relevant alt tags as well. Sticking to the example of a list, use content and images to break up each point. If you’re doing a best-of list, put your overall winner at the top and again in the actual list. Use search console to test and use relevant markup structured data reports, data highlighter and the structured data testing tool to test your results. You can fetch as Google on your new content that you publish as well, and just remember it’s all about keeping it simple for search engines to understand the context of the content that you’re publishing.

So just the recap you need to combine schema and structured HTML to make it as easy as possible for search engines to display your content. You need to be focusing on producing quality content and cloak your affiliate links. You need to always think about quality and quantity, test your data in search console and submit any new posts to Google. Monitor your competitors and see if they’re displaying at position 0 and keep an eye on their content strategies as well. 

You can find links to quality hosting for your new affiliate site and a recommended affiliate Network in the

description that’s free to sign up and will really sort you out, and it’s great for beginners and keeping everything as streamlined as possible. Check out the other videos on this channel and leave us a comment below with any questions or video requests. Catch you next time!

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