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Private SEO Tuition

Learn SEO in Manchester

Let’s face it. SEO tuition can cost a fortune, and it’s often hard to see the immediate benefits you’ll reap from attending an overpriced class.

From title tags and metas to robots.txt and sitemaps, information overload occurs and business owners are often left wondering what to do with all of the new information.

Initially, we only offered Skype consultation for our clients. Now, at the request of small businesses on our client list, we offer one-to-one coaching for business owners serious about learning search. Our tuition is built around your website, meaning everything you learn is actionable and can be immediately implemented. 

Take a look below to learn more about why you should choose our SEO course, why one-to-one tuition works much better than a group seminar, and how our courses provide value for money.

We still offer Skype Tuition for SEO beginners too. We appreciate you may not have the time for an in-depth private course. Get in touch at hello@dispensedigital.co.uk to learn more about our Skype SEO lessons.

SEO Course Overview

Custom Audit.

As part of the tuition you will receive a custom website audit, which will be used as a teaching tool.


By using an audit of your website, the SEO tactics you learn are relevant and in-depth.

Time Efficient.

Our private classes are 2-3 hours long. You learn what you need to, with no fluff or irrelevant information.

What does our Bespoke SEO Tuition include?

Our 2 hour course will take you through a step-by-step audit of your website, from the basics of SEO and optimising your website on-page, right down to technical SEO factors and ongoing considerations for taking your rankings to the next level.

Core factors you will learn include:

– Keyword Research

– Title Tags

– Meta Descriptions

– H1-H6 & Page Structure

– Unique Content

– Citations & Local Backlinks

– Page Speed

– Sitemap Optimisation

– Robots.txt

– Canonical Tag Strategies

– Mobile Considerations

– Technical Optimisation Hacks

– Social Media

Every website and audit will be different and unique. However, we ensure that the basics are always covered, providing you with actionable insights that actually make sense when shown against your website.

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Why Choose Us?

We have helped businesses of all sizes across the North West to not only learn SEO, but to create targeted campaigns which have resulted in sustained organic growth. Starting as a Manchester SEO agency, we’ve grown to become a remote network of freelancers across the country. This means we are integrated with our clients, we understand what they need, and more importantly we know how to provide real value with the services we provide. 

Where are the private courses held?

We can discuss locations close to you – We can do the travelling so you don’t have to. There are a few venues in the centre of Manchester which we are partial to! 

Do I need to have a website? 

Yes. Our private courses are tailored to your website, and begin with a detailed audit of the site which will inform part of the course.


Learn Actionable Search Skills.

Whether you require a quick Skype call for a burning question, want to arrange a private one-to-one course, or would rather arrange a series of custom online tuition courses, we’re all ears and would love to help.

Drop us a message via the form, and let’s get your search skills up to scratch.