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White Label SEO UK

The Complete Guide To Choosing a White Label SEO Reseller

Like any digital marketing service, it can be incredibly easy to become overwhelmed with options. Whether you’re a business owner looking for an SEO agency, or are an agency owner in need of a strategic digital partnership, it’s important to weigh up the options available to you.

With this guide we’re going to go through the definitions of white label and reselling services, what you should expect from a reputable agency you choose to partner with, and also what you should be asking an agency or reseller before signing up to a program. Any questions you may have which are not answered be sure to get in touch with our team at hello@dispensedigital.co.uk and we’d be happy to provide an answer.

White-Label & Reselling Services Defined

What are White Label Services?

White label services are a kind of service offered from one supplier to another. Most commonly B2B, white label services provide businesses with the opportunity to rely on an external team. In digital marketing, this is commonly when an agency needs to offer a service they do not yet provide, or are in need of a temporary team member due to an influx of work.

Generally, the supplier will complete any work under the branding of the client. Protected under a non disclosure agreement, this means that all work completed for the client can simply be passed off as their own. The end customer does not know of the white label contract, and still receives the services they purchased from the initial supplier.

What is White Label SEO?

Many agencies turn to a white label supplier for assistance when a team member leaves, or for when they simply have too much work to complete with not enough internal resources. Whether that’s a technical audit, content strategy, a small keyword research task or even recurring monthly services, white label SEO suppliers will give the agency client full access to their team and resources to fulfil their contracted agreement with the client.

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    What to expect from a reputable White Label Agency

    Finding a reputable agency is easy, what matters is finding one that integrates with your specific needs.

    Some agencies may choose to niche-down, providing specific, targeted services for a set fee. Personally, we wanted to change this model and offer the flexibility of a completely managed service, which is something we struggled to find initially when relying on digital marketing resellers.

    The below points are core factors in a well-rounded, legitimately managed white label service:

    Organic SEO

    Like many agencies, Dispense started life providing business owners with organic SEO strategies, helping businesses across the globe to grow their online presence. Now focused on white label organic SEO, our strategies and methods have stood the test of countless Google updates and are built around white-hat services only. Our organic search services include keyword and competitor research, on-page development, site monitoring and much, much more.

    PPC & Paid Media

    It’s increasingly common for businesses to now combine their SEO efforts with a PPC campaign. And, with the right budget, the results speak for themselves. Our team of PPC specialists work with agency owners and clients of all sizes, managing small monthly budgets right up to huge national campaigns for chain businesses. Got a client looking for a managed service for their Facebook ads? We’d be more than happy to discuss this as part of an overall paid media offering.

    Technical SEO

    Users and search engines have become increasingly demanding in the technical efficiency of websites. With 53% of users leaving a website with a load time above 3 seconds, and with an ever-increasing rise of mobile vs desktop searches, it’s never been more important to ensure every website we work with is as technically efficient as possible. Our technical SEO strategies involve page speed optimisation, robots.txt and sitemap development, 404 clean-ups, and CRO to ensure that once a user lands on a website they are served with only the correct information at a rapid speed.

    Content Strategies

    Our content strategy development is based on data. Primarily, keyword search volume and competitor rankings are a driving force in our approach to content development. From subcategory expansion to FAQ articles and voice search targeting, our team goes the extra mile to ensure all forms of queries related to relevant keywords are covered.

    Local SEO

    From local landing pages for locality targeting, to Google Maps development and in-depth service content, our local SEO strategies have provided agencies with the tools to rank their client for both their desired locations, and their desired keywords.

    Outreach & Link Building

    The way we build links for our clients is focused on PR outreach and white-hat tactics. Any agency can buy backlinks, however this strategy is spammy and does not provide any relevance to the website which the links are being pointed to.

    Using our media contacts and link building strategies, we ensure that links are placed in relevant publications. This can be achieved via press releases, article submissions, guest posts and more.

    Reporting & Analytics

    If you’re an agency owner, it’s easy to try and avoid the manual tasks. We are proud to offer hourly rates to provide reporting assistance for your agency or digital team. Additionally, we’d be happy to help with Tag Manager and Data Studio setup so you can really start to deep-dive into the website data of your clients.

    In-House Support

    We can appreciate that 99% of agencies or business owners reading this post are looking for remote services to ensure that the task or tasks at hand are actioned appropriately. You may need help in person such as with a pitch, to meet with a client and explain a plan, or simply to sit down a put a strategy together. We’d be more than happy to help.

    White Label Pros & Cons

    Like any digital services, hiring a white label agency has its pros and cons. Now, when we say cons, we are highlighting common factors that are usually not addressed, and can lead to a negative experience for both parties. Below are tips to consider to ensure that any white label partnership you may enter your agency or business into runs as fluidly as possible:


    • The white label services act as an extension of your team, allowing for growth without having to rely on permanent hires.
    • Many white label providers, including ourselves, operate on a no-contract basis. This allows business owners to rely on our team for ad-hoc services and one-off requests.
    • Cost & ease of use – We are priced very fairly, offering an hourly rate for smaller tasks and discounts on a day rate. After all, what’s the use in a digital marketing reseller if it costs the earth?
    • Turnaround Time – Our large, UK-based remote team have an average turnaround time of 5 days for all work requests. This means that you are not kept waiting, and neither are your clients. See more about the benefits of hiring a white label SEO team in the UK.


    • Full integration – This refers to how you can ensure that a white label provider can replicate the kind of work you expect. The best approach for this is to ensure that both parties sign an NDA, then your team can provide example documents to ensure that the work is both completed to how you expect, and that factors such as styling and branding are correct if requested. For example, you may require a technical SEO audit to be presented in a very specific format.
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    Questions to ask a white label agency

    Before hiring a white label SEO or digital marketing agency you need to be asking the right questions. As highlighted previously, the different types of white label agencies are set to appeal to specific niches.

    For example, an SEO reseller agency may only focus on providing outreach and manual link building services to digital agencies. At Dispense, we offer a broad range of services related to the bigger digital picture, with a large team and extensive offering to ensure that, if you’re an agency owner, we have got you covered. Here’s an example of types of questions we’re asked, and the ones you should be asking any reselling agency or platform:

    Do you also white label your work?

    This may sound very obvious, but the likelihood of an additional white label step from a less reputable agency is likely. For obvious reasons, you’re going to want to rely on only the providers with a solid team who are proven to deliver the results for their clients.

    What kinds of tools do you use?

    One of the fantastic parts about outsourcing work is that, particularly for freelancers with a low budget for tools and marketing materials, you can get access to a team with a range of agency tools. From DeepCrawl reports and Screaming Frog crawls to Ahrefs data and the latest keyword rankings for your clients, if you need an ad-hoc task completing with a marketing tool then chances are we have what you’re looking for. With one study suggesting that the monthly costs of tools average out at the standard cost of two monthly client contracts, it’s easy to see how these fees can rise quickly.

    Can you accompany my agency to a meeting?

    Yes! Whether you require pitch assistance or simply need an expert to answer any questions a client may have, we’d be happy to support your team.

    Our Range of UK-Based White Label Services

    Organic SEO

    Technical SEO

    Local SEO

    PPC / Paid Media Management

    Reporting & Analytics

    Front-End Development

    Let’s Get Started.

    If you want to discuss our range of white label services in greater detail, have a question about how reselling can help your business, or simply want to discuss a digital strategy, we’re all ears.

    Simply fill in the form or get in touch directly at hello@dispensedigital.co.uk, or call on 07393 286 400.