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Website Audit

1000-100,000 URLs – £250

100,000+ URLS – £370

Current turnaround time: Up to 5 days

Whether you’ve got a new client and want to audit their website, or have a long-standing contract and are in need of a technical website audit to breathe a new lease of life into the project, a thorough SEO audit is a fantastic tool for discovery and growth.

Our technical SEO gurus produce extensive, transparent, and straight-talking audits. Points covered include but are not limited to:

– Title Tags

– Meta Descriptions

– H1-H6

– Alt Tags

– Historical Rankings

– Crawl Budget

– Site Speed

– Mobile SEO Audit

– Usability

– Robots.txt

– Sitemap

– Local SEO

– Canonical Considerations

– Thin Content & Content Strategies

All tasks are summarised at the end of the audit and placed in a table of priority, so whether you’re a freelancer or run an SEO team it will be clear as to which tasks need to be actioned first.

Our SEO audits are also readable for clients who may not know their render-blocking scripts from their minification, and are delivered unbranded for you to simply drop a logo or update as you see fit.

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The process to purchasing a white-label audit package:

  1. You fill in the form below and receive a confirmation email from us.

  2. A unique invoice is sent to you outlining terms of service, cost, and a precise turnaround time.

  3. The work is sent to you, unbranded, for reselling and adding your business branding. 

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    Client Audits, Made Easy.